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hey you! what eeveelution is da best?

Originally posted on Aidens Best Books:
hey everyone, welcome back and today, I would like you to post in the comments what YOUR opinion for what eevee evolution is. this can also include eevee, and I will do a quick recap on what the 8 eevee evolutions are. 1:jolteon, electric type next up is vaporeon,…

game: pokken

this game is a spin off of tekken you could say, but it is still very fun. there are many different Pokemon that you could play as. these Pokemon are as follows: lucario, my fave. pikachu and pikachu libre. gardevoir, garchomp, machamp, mewtwo, dark mewtwo, darkrai, scizor, gengar, decidui, empoleon, suicune, charizard, lampent, blaziken, delphox, […]

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