hero wars online

hero wars online is a mmo, (massively multiplayer online) in this game, you only have the campaign mode unlocked, but there are more things that you unlock as you level up. the campaign is the story mode and this is the main thing you will do. the arena is a place where you can test your teams against other players teams and rise through the ranks and become #1. the tower is a place where you go through tower floors and gain buffs for your team in the tower and gold, tower coins, and items. one thing about the tower is that damage does not heal in between battles, although energy does save between battles. the outland is where you can battle 3 different bosses to gain outland coins and skin stones. the airship is where you can go on missions to gain artifacts for your heros, and artifact coins. the grand arena is where you have three teams and you fight for best out of 3, and you gain grand arena coins at the rate of 5 per hour. guilds are unlocked at level 30 and you can fight guild wars, unlock pets, fight in the guild dungeons with titans and heroes, and summon new titans.

rating: ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️

By cat warrior

I have 6 fish, 5 endlers livebearers and 1 betta. I also have a cat at our family farm named tiger.

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