people, I have some very exiting news. tiger, my cat has been found. I found him over at the church next to our family farm, and he has a little house and a bowl of water & food. I also found out that tigers other name is clem. It is obvious that tiger is getting treated well, and when I went to see tiger, two of the church ladies were moving things around and they said that on sundays, tiger/clem got lots of pets, but on other days, not so much. It makes me feel much better knowing that tiger is safe for the winter, and that he has a nice home to live while we are not here.

while this is not Tiger, this is what tiger looks like.

peace out,

Hyrule warrior

By cat warrior

I have 6 fish, 5 endlers livebearers and 1 betta. I also have a cat at our family farm named tiger.

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