game: pokken

this game is a spin off of tekken you could say, but it is still very fun. there are many different Pokemon that you could play as. these Pokemon are as follows: lucario, my fave. pikachu and pikachu libre. gardevoir, garchomp, machamp, mewtwo, dark mewtwo, darkrai, scizor, gengar, decidui, empoleon, suicune, charizard, lampent, blaziken, delphox, croagunk, weavile, and sceptile, there are also Pokemon types, but not like grass, fire etc. these are speed, normal, and power. you can also level up your Pokemon skill levels and then you can choose what you want to put your stat point into. these stats are as follows: attack, which raises your damage output, defense, which lessens the damage you take and increases your shield durability. there is also synergy, which raises the speed in which your synergy gauge fill up and also the duration of your burst mode. then comes strategy, which shortens the time it takes for your support gauge fills up. there are many support teams. support teams are two Pokemon that have two unique moves. my personal favorite is yvetal and latios, and there are others like frogadier and eevee, litten and poplio to name a few. you also have a helper, who will give you different boosts to different gauges, depending on what focus you choose. there is also a story mode, where you need to beat 5 trainers and then you unlock the tournament, then after that, if you win, you face the green league master. if you beat him, you move on to the blue league. once you beat the master, you must fight dark mewtwo. I have not beat dark mewtwo, so I can not offer advice, although I got pretty close with lucario. I can say that you should raise your Pokemon’s levels by battling against the AI in the single battle mode. this will give you an edge against dark mewtwo, and if I had done that, I might have won. you should also know that you must beat 5 trainers in a row to get to the next round. this means that you cannot leave before you beat all 5, otherwise you have to start over. there are many ranks, from the “D” rank to the “A” rank.

By cat warrior

I have 6 fish, 5 endlers livebearers and 1 betta. I also have a cat at our family farm named tiger.

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