game review fishtopia tycoon 2

this game is a fun mix of fishing and tycoon. you start at danz lake, where the early game quests happen. the quests once you complete enough quests, you will unlock the river, the pier and other things. there are a variety of lures, and rods you can buy. there are three categories of fish: small, medium and MONSTER!!! the monster fish cannot be sold, but instead they breed and make many more sellable fish. overall, this game gets 4 stars, and there are 2 reasons that it is not 5. for starters, when your fish breed, they produce a ton of fish, and its really annoying to have to hold down the mouse button when you have around 300+ fish to sell. another thing is that all of a sudden, the quests get insanely hard. for example, the two I am stuck on are catch all the MONSTER fish from the lake and river, and you need the best rod to do so. another this is that the sunfish only will bite when you have the fish it eats on your line, and even then, its still very hard to get them to bite. another quest is get 1000 gold in a day. this is very hard, as each day is around 1 minute long, and it seems like more of an endgame quest to me. oh, and I forgot to mention that there are also radar, which I have not figured out, so if you do, please tell me. so all in all, this game is 4 stars. you can find this game on

By cat warrior

I have 6 fish, 5 endlers livebearers and 1 betta. I also have a cat at our family farm named tiger.

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