battalion banished book reveiw

battalion banished

Battalion Banished is a very good book with surprises on almost every page. This book is part of one of the best Minecraft series there is, but I recommend reading the first book, The Battle Of Zombie Hill. this is a gaming adventure and the main character is a lost cowboy named Roberto, in the book called Rob. A definite 4.5 star book. the  reason that it’s not a five-star book is because the book really leaves you hanging. Good for gamers and kids about 9-15. A great book for horse lovers because the battalion uses horses to move quickly and they also use  them in battle. This book will get you hooked fast and once your reading, you won’t want to put it down. The author is Nancy Osa.

reviewed on 12/02/18

By cat warrior

I have 6 fish, 5 endlers livebearers and 1 betta. I also have a cat at our family farm named tiger.

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